Thursday, April 26, 2012

Black Church!!! Black Church is my new self published venture in 2012. To sum it up, wrap it into a neat little package, it's The Omen in Medieval times with Dracula's parents and Dracula being the vessel of the ANTICHRIST. I was getting tired of doing things for other people other publishers or coming up with what would sell to a massive market. I started feeling like creators need to start behaving more like bands. I want to play the music I want to play and if you don't like it well too freakin' bad for you. Straight up... I'm a metal head. Through and through a total metal head I listen to metal all day and when I'm not listening to metal I'm watching horror movies or anything medieval. I wanted to come up with a comic that was an amalgamation of all my favorite things. In short I want to play the music I want to play only it's with comics and a pencil instead of Warlocks or Les Paul's. So rolling out Black Church the first mini comic (HA mini!? it's like over 30 pages) will come out 7 inch by 7 inch. That's right just like 45's and yes you got it, they will come out with a record jacket just like some dirty garage metal band from 78. The launch will be during Toronto's TCAF show and get this!!!!! It will launch with it's own video game designed by yours truly and Miguel Sternberg,The Game will launch at Magic Pony during one of the party nights of TCAFF! Be sure to make it out and we will also have it up for playing online after that!!! It's basically Tetris meets Mario with satanic barbarians. Does it get any more metal than that! Here is a preview of the project so far!!

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  1. I bought Black Church not knowing anything about it but being a Black Metal fan the sleeve jacket caught my eye. Finding out it was about one of my fav historic people was a plus. I loved it, the artwork was awesome. Some of it very reminiscent of metal album covers. I can't wait to see how the story continues.